Summer 2015 Theme

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Scriptural Theme: “Arise and Go” – Jonah 1:2

The story of the prophet Jonah is one of the first Bible stories we hear as children because of the great miracle of a man surviving three days in a fish. However, looking deeper into the story of Jonah one can find themes of obedience, God’s love for the lost and a great awakening. As Christians, we are watching our country plunge into immorality and embrace sin. We can no longer stand by and watch it happen. We need to desperately lift our voices to God. We need to courageously respond to God, each one of us, and obey what he’s asking us to do; even if it is difficult. We need our mighty God to awaken people from their spiritual slumber; just as God awakened the Ninevites.
– Jason Wilkie, Executive Director

Program Theme

One of our traditions at Camp Siloam is to illustrate the truth of a biblical theme in a fun way. This summer the idea that God is asking us to participate in His mission for the world will be illustrated through one of Camp Siloam’s most outlandish themes yet; Mulletopia.

An elite spy agency has discovered that the Mullet hair style is hazardous to people’s health. Strands of hair grow out of control, into the spinal cord of unknowing victims. Our main character, a sophisticated secret agent finds himself being asked by his superiors to bring word to the people of Mulletopia that they are in danger. Our reluctant “hero” disobeys his orders from his superiors but finds his circumstances being orchestrated to fulfill the plan to save the people of Mulletopia.

Love it or hate it, the Mullet is back for Summer 2015 at Camp Siloam!

Praying For Campers

Each summer the staff at Camp Siloam develops a prayer theme. Throughout history we see that great awakenings always begin extraordinary prayer. This summer we encourage you to join our Southern Baptist Convention president, Ronnie Floyd in praying for a great awakening. You can join the movement at