Deepen Women's Retreat

How can I walk in God’s presence daily? Developing a walk with the Lord can be challenging. Sometimes it seems everything in your life is competing for the time needed to focus on the Lord. The Lord can be out of our minds all day long or maybe even days at a time. Deepen Retreats may be a help. Facilitated by Mary Norvell, and Tonya Bolton, this retreat is a time to listen to the Lord and develop a personal plan for deepening a woman's spiritual life. The retreat also offers an online learning experience that supports the retreat before and after. The retreat builds around being silent with the Lord, personal reflection, and small group discussion. Any woman wanting to walk closer to the Lord will find direction in the process.

How Many: 50 max

When: 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 23rd through 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 25th

Where: Camp Siloam, Siloam Springs, AR

Cost: Before March 8th: $149     After March 8th: $169     Payment is required at registration. If you cancel, all but $50 is refundable ($70 if you opted for a family cabin).

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 19th

More About Deepen

Sometimes, to go forward you first retreat. Sometimes to grow close to the Lord, you must first be quiet and listen. Sometimes my growth depends on my efforts to resist the ordinary and do something different. Maybe that quiet, extraordinary action is a retreat. The retreat will include a time of silence, so we can listen for God’s voice. This retreat will be a gathering of women, seeking to create plans to help us grow in the Lord. Break the noise and busy-ness cycles in your life so you can hear the Lord. God wants to speak to you. Will you listen?


There are two types of lodging for Deepen 1) Cabins or 2) Bunkhouses. Cabins have linens and towels provided and a private bath. Bunkhouses do not have linens and towels. Your stay in a bunkhouse is included in your fee. Cabins are and extra $20. There are 16 cabins available for the retreat.

Click here to see pictures of the cabin rooms.
Click here to see pictures of the bunk houses.


All the food will be provided by Camp Siloam.

What to Bring for Your Stay

• T-Shirts & Shorts • Long Sleeve Shirts & Pants • Socks & Underwear • Adventure Sandals • Tennis Shoes • Towels • Rain Jacket / Umbrella • Sleeping Bag or Twin Sheets & Blanket • Pillow • Toiletries • Shampoo & Soap • Hand Soap • Shower Shoes • Washcloth • Flashlight • Sun Screen

What to Bring for Your Studies

For our studies, you will need to bring a notebook, pen, and your favorite Bible. You also will need your own copy of Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, revised and expanded, by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun (Intervarsity Press,2015; ISBN: 978-0-8308-4605-4). Your local Christian bookstore can get it for you or you can follow this link to Intervarsity Press and order it. I just discovered that Amazon is now only selling the digital version. You could use the digital version (which is cheaper) but I will be asking you to complete a Spiritual Growth Planner from the book on the retreat. It is easier to write in a book than to figure out how to get that planner onto your paper notes at the retreat.

What Not to Bring

Finally, please consider leaving off social media, maybe even your phone, during this retreat. We want to get away from the normal routines (and interruptions) of our daily lives so we can begin to hear God’s voice. You might want to leave your phone in the car and only check for voice mails once or twice each day. Notify family and friends and ask them to hold communication with you until Wednesday afternoon. I can give you a number that we can use as an emergency number if needed.

About The Leaders

Tonya Bolton (Bible study leader)

Tonya Bolton loves being wife to Jim and mother to Matt and Emily. Her family also includes border collies, barn cats, and horses. She enjoys working with college students at Williams Baptist University where she has served for almost 20 years. Tonya is the founder of Moms & More. Moms & More is a ministry of encouragement, fellowship, and service to women in the community. During this season of life, her faith walk with Jesus has been filled with new experiences that have been challenging and more than a little scary, all designed to produce a deeper and more intimate relationship of trust with Him…and she is thankful.

Lea Andra Foster (Worship Leader)

Lea Andra Foster is a pastor’s wife, the mother to two grown girls, one son-in-law and a growing boy. She is a high school math teacher by day and a college math teacher by night. She finds joy in serving as the church pianist, a women’s ministry advocate, and in seeking opportunities to further her relationship with the Lord. Her heart’s passion lies in serving alongside her husband, Robert, as they invest in the hearts and lives of their congregation, the students they serve and their community in northeast Arkansas.

Mary Norvell (Facilitator)

Mary Norvell is the mother of two grown sons, the mother-in- law to two sweet daughters-in- law, and the grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren. She advises freshmen at a local college, works in her church’s nursery, and helps her husband teach a college Bible study. Mary is someone who is constantly learning more about Jesus and His love for her. Mary lives with her best friend (who also happens to be her husband), Walter, in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.


If you have other questions about the studies, please get in contact with Walter Norvell. You can use his personal email, or call his cell at 870-637-2501. If you have questions about lodging, food or directions call Camp Siloam at 479-250-1865 or