Registration Date Changed for Summer 2019

For many years, Camp Siloam has developed its own registration software in-house. While this has saved the camp money and allowed for greater flexibility in the overall registration process, it hasn’t been without its own challenges. Developing good software takes a team of engineers, developers and graphic artists which Camp Siloam doesn’t have.

In late 2017, the decision was made to search for a registration software package that could meet the growing needs of the camp, the churches that attend, and parents of campers. After much deliberation and research, Camp Siloam has partnered with company based in Australia called venue360.

We are working closely with venue360 as they develop new modules to their core system that will allow us to register churches and campers very similarly to how we have in the past. They are putting the finishing touches on these features and will have them available January 1st.

Because of this, we’ve moved our registration date to January 1st for Summer 2019, S-CORE, T2 & Sproing. This is a temporary date change and registration for Summer 2020 should open no later than November 1st of 2019.

We realize this may mean some challenges for you and for us. With any change there are some things you lose and some things you gain. We believe that with the rich set of features in venue360, what is gained will be much more than what is lost. Please be patient with us as we implement and learn and teach.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if this date change creates problems for your church, please call us at 479‑250‑1865 or send an email to our Director of Information at