Camp Rules and Policies

Payment and Collections

For most events, Camp Siloam’s payment and collections policy is based upon financial transactions with groups (most commonly, churches). Groups are billed for the campers who attend camp and payment is collected from the group. Camp Siloam does not track payments from individuals for camp. If a payment is received from an individual, it will be applied to their group’s total balance. Groups may decide how they wish to collect payment or pay for camp. Refunds will only be issued to groups, and they will only be issued if the group has a net credit balance.

For events where campers attend without a group, such as S-Core or T2, Camp Siloam will charge and collect from the camper directly. If a group or church wishes to pay for a camper in one of these programs, they should notify the camp of the camper(s) they with to pay for and these arrangements should be completed and full payment should be made before the camper arrives.

If you have questions about payments or refunds, you may call the camp office.

Cancellations / Late Additions

Changes can be made to a church's roster up until 7 AM the morning of camp. This means campers can be cancelled or added online up until this point. If any changes are made to the roster after 7 AM the morning of camp (meainging at check-in), the church will be billed the amount of the deposit ($20) for each change. Any paper forms turned in after the Thursday before camp will be considered late and will be charged this fee. "Swaps" and "replacement" campers are considered both a cancellation and a late addition which will result in two $20 charges.

Check-Out or Leaving Early

Camp ends after the worship service on Friday morning. If a group needs to check-out prior to the end of the worship service, they may check out at the office or with the camp director.

If an individual camper leaves camp early, without his or her group, we must have written permission from the parent/guardian or confirmation from the youth leader at camp that a camper may leave with an individual. If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up the camper, the letter should indicate the name of that person. A photo ID will be required from the person picking up the camper and a background check may be run on the person.

Cell Phones At Camp

Camp Siloam believes that an individual’s encounter with God is directly proportional to the degree that they leave the “noise” of their culture behind for the week of camp. This is why camp policy requests campers leave cell phones, media players or gaming devices at home. Campers need to be still and quiet enough to hear the small voice of our big God. During your camper’s stay, you may feel you need to communicate with your camper. If communication with your camper is absolutely necessary, they may use cell phones in the bunk houses under the supervision of a counselor. If cell phones are seen by camp staff being used outside of bunk houses then they will be taken from the youth and mailed home at the owner’s expense.


Styles of clothing can be a stumbling block for many youth. The Bible says people are to dress in modesty. The intent is to not bring attention to how one looks, but to highlight our walk of faith, love and pursuit of holiness. Camp Siloam requests each camper, whether a guy or girl, to be humble and modest in the way they dress during camp. Specifically, Camp Siloam requests the following:

  • No “short shorts.” Shorts must extend to the campers’ finger tips
  • No spaghetti strap shirts.
  • No two piece bathing suits for gals.
  • No speedos for guys.
  • No deep cut tank tops.
  • Leggings should not be worn as pants.

Health and Safety

Camp Siloam recognizes that the health and safety of a child while they are away from home is of utmost concern to parents. Camp Siloam will provide as much information as it can about health and safety practices so parents can rest assured their children will be safe at Siloam. For information on our policies regarding emergencies, illnesses, injuries, youth protection, food preparation, food allergies, disbursement of medicines and general camp cleanliness, click the "Health & Safety" link at the top of this page or you may contact the camp office at 479-250-1865.


Camp Siloam is able to keep camp affordable because each church brings adults to camp to act as counselors. Each church is responsible for providing male and female counselors from their church. All counselors must be at least 19 years of age by the date they attend camp and must stay in the bunkhouse with the campers. The counselors will be responsible for transportation, behavior, enforcement of rules and supervising campers while they are at camp. If your church cannot provide counselors, we can provide a staff counselor for $350 for the week. Please notify us at least two weeks in advance if you need a staff counselor.

Disciplinary Action

The camp director reserves the right to reject any registration form and/or send any camper or counselor home whose influence is considered harmful to the best interests of the camp or campers.


Children who have not completed the 3rd grade are welcome at camp, but they cannot stay in the bunkhouses under any circumstances. These children may stay in a cabin with their parents or a parent appointed adult if their parent is serving as a counselor.

Our hilltop camp is offered for infants, toddlers and children who have not completed 3rd grade. This camp program is offered during worship services so volunteers may participate with their campers. In order to provide the best experience possible for our campers we ask that you not bring infants, toddlers and children to the worship services.


Churches will be billed for the removal of graffiti that can be identified to have been produced by a specific camper or church group.


For the safety of the youth during camp, we ask that you not drive through camp when campers are outside. Please park your vehicle between the large worship center and the main gate.